A Flat-Bed Hitch That Gets the Job Done Right

A Flat-Bed Hitch That Gets the Job Done Right A flatbed hitch is designed specifically to be used and installed with a customer in-the-filed style configuration in a flatbed truck. This simply means that it is easier and more convenient than ever before to turn a standard flatbed truck into a more capable towing vehicle. With so much to offer it is clear to see why this is a popular option among many people today. It allows for greater choices, increased safety and better flexibility when i ...Read More

A Gooseneck To 5th Wheel Adapter for Better Performance

A Gooseneck To 5th Wheel Adapter for Better Performance The advantages of having a gooseneck to 5th wheel adapter are well documented. As a matter of fact, with this type of accessory you are able to tow a gooseneck trailer with a semi-tractor or a pickup truck using the existing hitch. The process necessary to use this type of arrangement simply involves removing the gooseneck trailer coupler and then replacing it with what is known as a gooseneck trailer stem using a bolster plate and a k ...Read More

The Ball Gooseneck Hitch is Always a Smart Choice

The Ball Gooseneck Hitch is Always a Smart ChoiceToday’s world of towing and hauling projects requires high quality products that deliver on their promises. This is always true especially when considering the wide range of hitches and couplers needed to make towing easier, more convenient and safer. Hauling a trailer weighing tens of thousands of pounds requires having access to the strongest, toughest and longest lasting equipment available today. When it comes to a ball gooseneck hitch, choosi ...Read More

Discover The Gooseneck Trailer To 5th Wheel Hitch

Discover The Gooseneck Trailer To 5th Wheel HitchFor even the most challenging towing and hauling projects, having access to quality products such as the gooseneck trailer to 5th wheel hitch that is designed to make towing and hauling easier, safer and more convenient is critical. This product as with other types of towing and hauling accessories and products is designed to keep a towing project on schedule without breakdowns or component failure. Choosing the right hitch accessory and coupler c ...Read More

A Gooseneck Trailer Hitch That Is Durable

Finding the right gooseneck trailer hitch that is dependable, durable and reliable can be as easy as knowing where to look. Today more than ever before the roads and highways of the country have become more demanding and more challenging when it comes to towing and hauling. As a matter of fact, one of the best ways to increase the likelihood of any successful towing a hauling project is to choose the right gooseneck trailer hitch. The key to accomplishing this goal is to simply work with one of ...Read More

The Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Hitch Adapter and Its Versatility

Considered to be a very versatile and important component, especially when it comes to modern towing and hauling, the fifth wheel to gooseneck hitch adapter plays a vital and essential role in helping to keep towing and hauling projects on track and on budget. This adapter as with other types of adapters simply makes it more convenient to tow even the toughest and most challenging loads. Most importantly, it is vital to source this type of product from the right company. While there are many com ...Read More

The Impressive Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Hitch Adapter

Today hauling and towing can be rather complex and that is why it is important to have the right equipment and accessories when needed. Most importantly, working with the highest quality components and accessories when towing and hauling will greatly improve overall levels of safety and reduce the chances of accidents or injury. One example of an important component that should never be overlooked is that of the fifth wheel to gooseneck hitch adapter. This is a unique component that allows an in ...Read More

The Gooseneck Trailer Hydraulic Jack

Today more than ever before those involved with simple to complex towing and hauling projects are looking for ways to improve efficiency and safety. While there are many options in this regard one unique component known as a gooseneck trailer hydraulic jack can greatly aid in making towing and hauling easier and more convenient. In simple terms, a hydraulic jack means that those that are towing, or hauling will never have to crank a trailer again. Best of all, converting to a gooseneck trailer h ...Read More

The Benefit of The Extended Gooseneck Hitch

There is no question that there are many different types of hitches and couplers in use today. As a matter fact, consumers have more choices than ever before when it comes to the vast array of modern hitch and coupler products and services offered in our modern world. The good news is that a product like the extended gooseneck trailer coupler or hitch can provide tremendous benefit to those towing and hauling just about any type of items imaginable. From livestock to production equipment and use ...Read More

Trust a Self-Latching Gooseneck Coupler

Today’s modern hauling and towing couplers come in many designs, styles and overall levels of quality. The good news is that something like a self-latching gooseneck coupler can make a big impact on total towing and hauling reliability as well as safety considerations. Best of all, this type of product releases remotely using a cable that is usually conveniently close to the trailer jack handle. This simply means that towing and hauling is more productive, more efficient and easier to accomplish ...Read More

Choose the Gooseneck Offset Cushion Coupler

When towing or hauling nothing can be more disappointing than having to put up with bouncing and jarring because of a rough trailer. There is a solution and there is good news when it comes to this common problem associated with trailer towing. The gooseneck offset cushion coupler will take the bounce and jar out of your ride. As a matter of fact, you will likely feel the difference almost immediately by simply changing from your current gooseneck trailer coupler to this innovative type of cushi ...Read More

The flat Bed Gooseneck Hitch is a Winner

Today those who haul and tow a wide variety of things will find that the flatbed gooseneck hitch is one of the most important components to ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. This is a hitch that is designed with convenience in mind, making it easy to install whether the installation is custom or even a homemade flatbed. One of the keys to getting the most out of any gooseneck hitch is to work with a trusted name in the industry. From basic hitches to extended gooseneck trailer couplers and t ...Read More

Trust a Quality Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

Perhaps one of the most important things to understand when it comes to a quality gooseneck trailer hitch is that it must be of the highest quality in terms of construction and overall material reliability. With today’s challenging and rugged towing and hauling projects, it is more important than ever before to trust the hitch equipment being used. As a matter of fact, if a hitch were to fail, the end result could be catastrophic and even life-threatening. With safety in mind, every towing or ha ...Read More

A 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter with a Proven Record

Today’s modern towing and hauling jobs require professional equipment that is designed to last. This is especially true when it comes to accessories like the 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter. Innovative, built tough and designed to withstand the elements, this is a product that can change the entire dynamics of even the simplest to the most complex hauling or towing project. Craftsmanship, design elements and overall material choice when creating this type of product is important. Overlooking even ...Read More

Custom Flooring Phoenixville and Limerick, PA

Greater Philadelphia Custom Hardwood Flooring- Majestic Flooring of Limerick, PA"Majestic Flooring Custom Hardwood Floors" provides Custom hardwood & Cork flooring among many other types of hardwoods. Using custom woods and custom treatments to provide you with the colors and styles you are looking for. We are dedicated to helping you find the right wood for your style, the right finish for your lifestyle and create a hardwood floor that will enhance the beauty of your home for many years. ...Read More

Gooseneck Towing is Designed to Make Life Easier

Those familiar with travel trailer hauling or even the towing of a horse trailer know the importance of gooseneck towing. As a matter of fact, this type of hauling arrangement can play a vital role in ensuring a safe and efficient tow job every time. A gooseneck hitch is simply a type of platform that rests upon the bed of a truck where the ball connects to the trailer’s gooseneck coupler. Most key to point out is that this type of set-up is incredibly robust, strong and durable. This simply mea ...Read More

The Gooseneck Cushion Coupler for Top Performance

Let’s face it, today’s towing jobs are more challenging than they have ever been in the past. This is simply due to the fact that there are more difficult and varied towing and hauling projects than ever before. That is why it is so important to have access to the highest quality hauling and towing products such as the gooseneck cushion coupler. This is a custom type of unique towing accessory that helps to reduce bounces and eliminate jarring during a rough ride with a trailer attached.There Is ...Read More

Gooseneck Trailer Hitch - Best Option on the Market

Finding the Best Gooseneck Trailer Hitch is EasyIt is of little surprise that today, towing and hauling can be more complicated and more challenging than it has ever been in the past. This is probably due to the greater demands of everyday modern life. However, the good news is that with the right gooseneck trailer hitch, towing and hauling can be easy, convenient and reliable. A hitch or coupler when used correctly, can improve the efficiency, safety and overall dependability of any towing job ...Read More

A Semi-Tractor Gooseneck Hitch for Better Towing Capabilities

A Semi-Tractor Gooseneck Hitch for Better Towing Capabilities Regardless of how heavy-duty a vehicle may or may not be, including a semi-tractor, it is possible today to tow virtually anything, any distance with almost any type of vehicle. A gooseneck hitch for a semi-tractor is one example how this is done. Most semi tractors today come equipped with a 3-inch wide frame and this is the most standard configuration for a semi-tractor capable gooseneck hitch. That said it is important to note that ...Read More

American Made (Made in the USA) Brass Fittings

Recommended DOT Approved Brass Fittings by Hitches Couplers, Inc.American Made Brass Fittings at a wholesale discounted rate. "Highest Quality USA Made Brass Fittings"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASELEES SUMMIT MO, AUG 25, 2020 —, is a respected name in Internet marketing related services including a full range of digital SEO services that are all designed to spark and expand online small business growth and development. The company announces the recent launch of IndustrialPartsFittin ...Read More

A Gooseneck Trailer To 5th Wheel Hitch You Can Trust

A Gooseneck Trailer To 5th Wheel Hitch You Can Trust Today towing and hauling have become more complex and challenging than ever before. A gooseneck trailer to 5th wheel hitch offers the flexibility and ruggedness needed to achieve even the most difficult towing or hauling project. In short, when you have the right type of equipment for the job at hand you are far more likely to get that job done right. Best of all, today’s modern hitching systems are stronger, tougher and more long-lasting beca ...Read More

Get a 5th Wheel Gooseneck Adapter that Really Works

Get a 5th Wheel Gooseneck Adapter that Really WorksToday’s hauling and towing jobs are tougher than they have ever been in the past. They are more demanding, more rigorous and more challenging and therefore require the highest quality when it comes to towing and hauling accessories. The 5th wheel gooseneck adapteris no exception to this rule. As a matter of fact, this type of accessory should be expected to be durable, tough, long-lasting and able to survive even the roughest of towing or haulin ...Read More

Why Our Fifth Wheel Gooseneck Hitch Adapters!

Why Choose a Fifth Wheel Gooseneck Hitch Adapter?Anyone wishing to pull a fifth wheel trailer with a standard gooseneck type hitch knows how important it is to have access to the right tools and resources. The fifth wheel gooseneck hitch adapter is one such product. It is one of the strongest and simplest adapters to install so that your fifth wheel trailer becomes more versatile and functional. In addition, there are a variety of extended models that make it more practical to negotiate tighter ...Read More

Off-Set Gooseneck Cusion Couplers

Learn More About the Gooseneck Off-set Cushion CouplerThe Gooseneck off-set cushion coupler is but just one example of a gooseneck coupler that provides exceptional clearance between a trailer and the cab or tailgate. This is impressive because it allows for greater turning radius and improved tailgate clearance as required. As with other similar gooseneck cushion couplers, the Gooseneck off-set Cushion Coupler gets the job done right every time. Greater efficiency as well as improved performanc ...Read More

Discover Our Flip Over Hitches

Discover Flip Over Hitches The great thing about flip over hitches is that they simply make life easier. Perhaps most unique of all about this type of hitch assembly is that it easily converts a pickup bed to a smooth bed in virtually no time at all. All that is required is to rotate the handle and flip the ball over. This is a hassle-free way to transition a pickup bed into a smooth bed. It is no longer necessary to hook or catch a small handle in order to release or lock the ball. Best of all, ...Read More

The Amazing Electric Hydraulic Trailer Jack

Back in the old days raising or lowering a trailer was a labor-intensive challenge. The good news is that today it is easier than ever before to reposition a trailer without breaking a sweat. As a matter of fact, the amazing electric hydraulic trailer Jack only requires the push of a button to raise or lower a gooseneck trailer or other similar type of trailer. Best of all, modern electric trailer jacks that use hydraulics are heavy-duty and long-lasting. They stand the test of time and keep on ...Read More

Why You Need the Best Electric Hydraulic Trailer Jack on the Market

When working with electric hydraulic trailer jacks, small details make a big difference. Using Hitches & Couplers' electric hydraulic trailer jack is literally as easy as pushing a button! The Magnum Lift hydraulic gooseneck trailer jack quickly and conveniently raises or lowers your gooseneck trailer, helping you get on the road faster and leaving you more time to enjoy your adventure.The work ready, heavy duty and proven Magnum gooseneck trailer jack has a 24" stroke cylinder, and is capab ...Read More

5th Wheel To Gooseneck Adapters from PopUp Towing Products lets you tow your fifth-wheel (king Pin) trailer with a gooseneck hitch. The RV To Gooseneck Adapters are the strongest

 Hitches & Couplers offers the safest and most versatile King Pin Adapters made. The RV to Gooseneck Adapters are from zero to 9 inches of off-set for short bed or long bed trucks. There are RV to Gooseneck Adapters for Flat Bed Trucks and many more products to fit your needs. 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapaters - Click HereOne of our most popular products is the: RV2 IS A 5TH WHEEL TO GOOSENECK HITCH ADAPTER WITH A 9 INCH EXTENSIONRead More

The Benefits of the Popup Gooseneck Hitch

Today, more than ever before is important have the right type of towing and hauling equipment and accessories. Even the simplest of towing or hauling jobs requires access to quality equipment that is designed to work and designed to last. For example the popup gooseneck hitch is an important and vital towing accessory that is used more frequently today than ever before. This user-friendly piece of equipment can make towing and hauling easier, more reliable and safer. In short, the pop- ...Read More

Learn More About the Extended Gooseneck Hitch

The extended gooseneck hitch is an important part of any towing or hauling job when this type of equipment is needed. Often used for short bed trucks and trailers, this style of gooseneck hitch helps to offset making towing and hauling easier and more convenient. In addition, this unique towing and hauling accessory increases turning radius while also adding tailgate clearance. With so much to offer it is clear to see why the gooseneck trailer hitch that is the extended version is so p ...Read More

The Flip Over Hitch That Gets The Job Done Right

Whether you are performing a simple or very basic towing job or even a more complex hauling project that is on a much larger scale, one thing is sure and that is that choosing the right flip over hitch for the job at hand can make all the difference. While there are many companies that offer hitches, couplers and towing accessories, one company has clearly outpaced the competition on an annual basis. Hitches & Couplers, Inc. is a company that has earned the trust and respect of cus ...Read More

Finding The Best 5th Wheel To Gooseneck King Box

Those in search of the strongest and highest quality equipment that is easy to install need look no further than Hitches & Couplers, Inc. When it comes to the 5th wheel to gooseneck king box, the smart choice is always a company with a proven track record. From the simplest in a flip over gooseneck hitch to more complex extenders and adapters for semi tractor gooseneck hitches, this is one company that simply gets it right. The 5th wheel to gooseneck king box can save those doing haulin ...Read More

Finding The Extended Gooseneck Hitch That You Need

As most people know, not all extended gooseneck hitches are indeed the same. As a matter of fact, this type of unique hitching and towing equipment can vary substantially from manufacturer to manufacturer. One of the keys to getting the most out of any type of hitch or towing equipment is to simply work with the right company. One company in particular that has continually outperformed the competition in terms of customer service and quality products is Hitches & Couplers, Inc.Help ...Read More

Why Choose The Best Gooseneck Cushion Trailer Adapter?

The answer is really simple in that when choosing any type of hitch or coupler accessory or component for your next hauling or towing job it is important to make a smart decision. As a matter of fact, choosing the wrong type of equipment for a towing project can ultimately result in delays and unnecessary expense. While there are many choices when it comes to quality trailer adapters, only the gooseneck cushion trailer adapter is the one that can be relied upon to get the job done righ ...Read More

The Gooseneck Trailer Coupler and All The Possibilities

Today more than ever before towing and hauling jobs have become more challenging and more diverse. That is why it is so important to choose carefully when it comes to selecting the best gooseneck trailer coupler for the job at hand. Whether it be a gooseneck trailer cushion coupler or a gooseneck trailer self latching coupler, one thing is sure and that is that having the right equipment for the towing or hauling job at hand is well worth the effort. No towing or hauling job should eve ...Read More

The Self-Latching Trailer Coupler Saves Time

With so many choices and so many options available today in a full range of hitches and couplers for towing and hauling it is nice to know that quality products can be easily sourced. For example, the self-latching gooseneck trailer coupler is a powerful and innovative towing and hauling accessory that makes any job easier and more convenient. The coupler is self-latching and can be easily released remotely via a cable. Best of all the cable is conveniently located close to the trailer ...Read More

Discover The Benefits Of The Flip-Over Gooseneck Hitch

Today more than ever before those doing simple to very complex hauling or towing projects are discovering the importance of using the right type of equipment. Nothing could be further from the truth especially when it comes to a product like the flip-over gooseneck hitch. This is an innovative and unique type of accessory that is easy to install and that affords durability and long-lasting toughness. In essence this product converts a pickup bed into a smooth bed in just a matter of se ...Read More

Why The Extended Gooseneck Hitch Is A Good Choice

Modern towing and hauling is more complex today than it has ever been in the past. This is especially true considering the wide range of different types of towing and hauling projects that are routinely encountered on a daily basis. That said making the right choice when it comes to the proper coupler or hitch is absolutely essential. One product in particular that can be discussed in this regard is the extended gooseneck trailer coupler. This is also known as a short bed gooseneck trailer ...Read More

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