Flat Bed Flip-Over Gooseneck Hitch - model 200

The Flip-Over gooseneck hitch for flat bed pickups, Model 200 gooseneck hitch for flat bed trucks is designed to weld in the flat bed truck bed well opening and has clearance for 1/8" decks with no well opening.










Weld the flat bed gooseneck hitch top plate and or the side gusset structure to your flat bed structure, it may require additional bracing not included with the hitch. A guide tab is welded under the truck bed close to the driver side of your truck bed for the Gooseneck Hitch ball release handle. For bed level installation a 3-1/2” hole is required in the bed deck for the Gooseneck Hitch.


PopUp Flip-Over Gooseneck Hitch for flat bed pickups: 2-5/16” ball, 30,000 pounds gross trailer weight. Rotate the handle 90 degrees to release the ball and you can Flip-Over (Turn Over) the ball for a level bed or to change to a larger gooseneck ball or taller gooseneck ball. The gooseneck hitch ball can rotate in the socket to keep the socket clean and save the ball from a bad coupler.

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