Electric Hydraulic Gooseneck Trailer Jack Landing Gear

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Electric Hydraulic Gooseneck Trailer jack Landing Gear for Electric and Hydraulic Gooseneck Trailer Jacks

Product Information:

Making life easier at the push of a button!

Just by pushing a button, the Magnum Lift hydraulic gooseneck trailer jack quickly and conveniently raises or lowers your gooseneck trailer, giving you the freedom to spend more time enjoying your adventure.

The heavy duty time proven Magnum gooseneck trailer jack features a 24” stroke cylinder, capable of lifting 12,000 lbs. at up to 30 inches per minute. The adjustable fit bracket system bolts on to virtually any type of trailer. Movement is absorbed by the stable tube-in-tube construction which reduces stress on the cylinder seal. The durable 8” by 10” non-swivel foot stabilizes the gooseneck trailer, while reducing movement and sinkage on soft ground.

The Magnum electric/hydraulic gooseneck trailer jacks have a manual override that can be operated with an electric or cordless drill. Also available are models with power override. The power override models have an electric coupler that can be plugged into your vehicle towing power to operate the jack in case of loss of power in your trailer. **The hydraulic valve assembly is designed so it will not leak off and is time proven.



Product Installation:

The Magnum gooseneck trailer jack is a heavy duty self-contained system that is shipped with mounting brackets, hardware, electrical cord, control box, less oil. You will need one quart of Dexron III transmission fluid.


Contact us for shipping shipping cost. see note below.

These products ship LTL freight (such as XPO Logistics, CCX, Roadway, Old Dominion, etc.), and require a commercial address on the truck route with a forklift to get a freight cost for you. We are currently using XPO Logistics.

For a commercial address, please check for Equipment Sales companies, lumber yards, Manufacturing companies, or a freight terminal, near you that will receive and allow you to pick up your Jack Landing Gear.