CC2 Gooseneck cushion trailer coupler hitch with a 4 inch round trailer stem.


The CC2 Cushion Gooseneck Coupler is furnished drilled for use on trailers with a safety through pin. However, the pin cannot be used because of the internal mechanism of the CC2 Cushion Gooseneck Coupler. Instead of using the through pin, the CC2 is furnished with a studded collar to safely lock the unit in place. The CC2 is okay for trailers with no through pin hole and two set bolts.





If your gooseneck trailer has a coupler brace less than ½” above the through pin hole in the coupler receiver tube, the CC2 will not work. You can use the CC4 which is the same except has a 9” off-set. Below is a photo of the CC2 minimum brace clearance. (If the trailer gussets or safety chains are in the road of the clamp use the CC4 instead of the CC2)











·        Up to 24,000 lbs. Gross Trailer Weight.


  ·        Progressive shock dampening cushions.


  ·        Less driver and passenger fatigue.


  ·        Less animal fatigue.


  ·        Less wear and tear on truck and trailer.


  ·        Maintenance free.


  ·        Fits 4" I.D. round coupler tube.


  ·        Simple swap-out installation.


  ·        Precision laser cut fabrication. 


  ·        Self-Latching 2 5/16" coupler


  ·        Coupler pre-drilled to accept a padlock.


  ·        Long lasting black powder coated finish.

  ·        100% complete








Content Gooseneck Cushion Couplers by PopUp WOW! Up To 59% Smoother Ride
Size CC2
Weight 74 pounds one box
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