RVGC-4205A 5th wheel Kingpin Box for a Gooseneck Hitch fits Lippert models 1621 and 0719.

The RVGC-CA (Cushion Adjustable) is a product that will allow you to pull your 5th wheel camper with a Gooseneck ball without having to bolt on an adapter. This is a one piece product that bolts into your existing bolt holes where your kingpin box is mounted currently. Simply unbolt your existing kingpin box and install the RVGC in the same bolt holes. This product is rated at 24,000 lbs and a tongue weight rating of 6,500 lbs. A smooth ride for you and your cargo without bulky air bags. A single high-tech cushion does the job.

The RVGC-CA is the cushion adjustable model which gives you 4 inches of adjustment down by the coupler and most trailer manufactures have adjustable whole patterns to allow you an extra 4 inches of adjustment where it bolts to your 5th wheel trailer. Which makes the total about 7 inches of adjustment.

Bolt hole location and number of holes will vary depending on the configuration of your current kingpin box model. Pictures shown may not be the exact model for your application. The number of holes, and size of holes are specific to the kingpin box model currently on your unit.

PopUp Towing's cushion ride technology has been tested at Wichita State University to improve the ride quality up to 59.1 percent. You can feel the difference.

Brand PopUp Hitch
Content RVGC-4205A, fits: Lippert 1621 & 0719 Kingpin boxs
Weight One box 103 pounds
shipping image