GN1 is a Self Latching gooseneck Trailer Coupler with a 4 inch round trailer stem.

Gooseneck Coupler and Stem by PopUp Towing Products.  The replacement 2-5/16” Gooseneck Premium coupler and stem self latches and releases remotely with a cable that can be conveniently located near your trailer jack handle.The gooseneck trailer stem is 4" round double wall high tensile steel tubing.

 It has a molded hitching guide for easy coupling. The gooseneck coupler is precision cast of Chrome Vanadium Steel; Stainless steel latching pin; Stainless steel spring; powder coated Black. The coupler & stem comes with all necessary hardware and coupler release cabling. Easy and simple to install, remove your old stem and simply replace it.

Content Self latching remote unlatch coupler
Size GN1
Weight 32 pounds one box
shipping image