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The Gooseneck Offset Cushion Coupler For Better Performance

Today there are more accessories than ever before that are needed for more effective and reliable towing projects. One such item is that known as the Gooseneck offset cushion coupler. This is a unique towing accessory that can help to remove bounce and jar from a typical rough riding trailer. Most importantly, when this towing accessory is used in the right way the difference can be felt almost immediately. All that is required is to swap out an existing gooseneck trailer coupler and replace it with a cushion gooseneck trailer coupler. It really is that easy and it really does make a big difference.


Results in a Smoother Ride Every Time


Statistically speaking, this type of conversion can easily help to absorb nearly 60% of the bumps, jolts and jars that are inherent within a typical towing experience. Those moving cargo, animals are sensitive equipment will find that this is a smart conversion and that it results in a smoother ride every time. It also helps to reduce passenger and driver fatigue quite substantially. All these reasons and more are good cause to consider a gooseneck offset cushion coupler and all that it has to offer. The product is unique in that it is straight and extended for more clearance between the trailer and the actual truck where it hooks up.


Additional Clearance Between The Tow Vehicle and The Trailer


It has a vertical cushion situated within a vertical tube and a round horizontal shock-dampening component that is progressive in nature. These couplers are cushioned mechanically thereby requiring less maintenance overall as compared to air cushion devices. With so much to offer it is clear to see why the gooseneck offset cushion coupler is such a popular option among towing professionals today. Because the system offers additional clearance between the tow vehicle and the trailer, this is a smart addition to any towing arrangement. It also provides for additional trailer swing radius and added room for hooking up the trailer. Contact Hitches & Couplers Inc. today to learn more.