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Hauling and towing demands are more strenuous than they have ever been in the past. That is why it is so important to choose carefully when it comes to the best and most appropriate hitch as well as hitch accessories. Regardless of the type of vehicle involved, one thing is sure and that is that proper hitch and hitch accessory selection can make a world of a difference. When choosing a flip over hitch the same is true. As a matter of fact as with other types of hitches and towing equipment, flip over hitches that are improperly paired with a particular vehicle cannot only make towing more difficult but also more hazardous.   Rotate The Handle and Flip The Ball Over   A flip over hitch is a high demand product simply because it is one of the best type of hitches and clearly very easiest to install. Best of all this kind of hitch accessory can easily convert any type of pickup bed into a smooth bed almost instantly. All that is required is to rotate the handle and flip the ball over and the conversion is complete. This hassle-free type of hitch transformation means that those that are towing and hauling do not have to hook or latch a small handle in order to lock or release a towing ball. This in itself makes life much easier for those towing or hauling just about anything imaginable.   They Can Be Incorporated Into an Existing Truck Bed   As an added bonus typical flip over hitches are designed in such a way that they do not have corners. This means there will be minimal to no collection of dirt that would in other cases end up freezing the ball directly in the socket. Today's modern flip over hitches are built tough and designed to last. With
The Amazing Flip-Over Hitch and It’s Many Uses
Today more than ever before towing is more demanding and more complex requiring access to the best in accessories and equipment needed to make towing jobs easy, convenient and safe. One example of a piece of equipment that is in high demand these days when it comes to rugged towing and hauling is that of the flip over hitch. This is a unique and innovative type of hitch that is simple and easy to install. Best of all, this affordable option improves towing and hauling in a variety of unique ways.   Rotate The Handle and Then Flip The Ball   Easily converted on a standard pickup truck bed, the flip over hitch results in the conversion of a pickup bed into a smooth surface in just a matter of seconds. All that is required is to simply rotate the handle and then flip the ball over. That is really all that is needed to achieve dramatic results when it comes to improving towing and hauling conditions. A flip over hitch is a hassle free alternative that makes transitioning to a different type of towing configuration virtually effortless.   Collection of Dirt   This simply means that it is not necessary to hook any type of small handle to release or to even lock the mechanism or the ball into place. Best of all, the product is designed in such a way that it will not allow for dirt and debris to accumulate in the corners. This is important because a collection of dirt and debris can ultimately cause a ball to freeze or become stuck in its socket. Most modern flip over hitches today can handle up to 30,000 pounds of GVW.   Standard Flatbed Truck   This means that even tough towing or hauling jobs can be handled in a more effective way. Cleaning is easy and maintenance and care