FLC B& W Companion U-Bolt mounted 5th wheel hitch Adapter for Flip Over Gooseneck Hitch. ONLY FITS THE POPUP FLIP-OVER HITCH

Use your Popup Flip Over Gooseneck Hitch to tow with a B&W Companion 5th wheel hitch. This is used for the less than 20,000 pound model. ONLY WORKS WITH THE POPUP FLIP-OVER HITCH.

It is the B&W companion model that uses u-bolts for the mounting.

 **ONLY FITS Flip-Over Hitches made by PopUp**

Will not fit any other brand even if it is round, the problem is the locking system is different on each brand. We have had so many returns because it would not fit their brand is why this notice is on here.

 Notice: there will be no credit for return of this part because of not fitting some other brand hitch. It only fits the Popup Flip-Over gooseneck hitch.



FLC - B&W Companion Adapter.






This is an adapter to use your B&W Companion 5th wheel hitch with a PopUp FlipOver Gooseneck hitch.






For 20,000 pound (new models) use part number FLC-1.

Brand Popup Hitch
Content FLC - Companion Adapter
Size FLC
Weight 17 pounds one box
shipping image