FL1005C Extra Hi Rise Gooseneck Ball for Flip Over Gooseneck Hitch, +3-1/2 inches, 7-1/4 inches above the tube.


FL1005C extra tall gooseneck ball, 3-1/2 inches taller than the standard ball.




This gooseneck ball fits the PopUp Hitch model Flip-Over gooseneck hitch.



Extra Tall Gooseneck Hitch ball for the PopUp Flip Over Gooseneck Hitch. This gooseneck ball is a 2-5/16" standard diameter gooseneck hitch ball that is 3-1/2" taller than the standard ball height or 7-1/4 inches above the tube.

Brand Popup Gooseneck Hitch
Size FL1005C 3-1/2
Weight 12 pounds one box
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