When working with electric hydraulic trailer jacks, small details make a big difference. Using Hitches & Couplers' electric hydraulic trailer jack is literally as easy as pushing a button! The Magnum Lift hydraulic gooseneck trailer jack quickly and conveniently raises or lowers your gooseneck trailer, helping you get on the road faster and leaving you more time to enjoy your adventure.

The work ready, heavy duty and proven Magnum gooseneck trailer jack has a 24" stroke cylinder, and is capable of lifting 12,000 pounds--at speeds of up to 30 inches per minute. The adjustable fit bracket system ensures a fit for nearly all types of trailers. Movement is absorbed by the extremely stable tube-in-tube construction which reduces stress on the cylinder seal. Additionally, a durable 8" by 10" non-swivel foot stabilizes the gooseneck trailer while also reducing the movement and sinkage on soft ground.

Hitches & Couplers' Magnum electric hydraulic gooseneck trailer jacks also have a manual override option, and can be operated with an electric or cordless drill. There are also models with a power override feature available, which feature an electric coupler that can be plugged into your vehicle to operate the jack in case of loss of power to your trailer.

While there are many companies across the country that offer hitches and couplers, one company has consistently outperformed others in the business year after year. Hitches & Couplers, Inc. is a reliable and respected source for the very best in gooseneck hitch accessories, products and service. With years of experience in working with a full array of customizable hitches and couplers, the company can help you meet your towing and hauling needs. Thanks to a unique central location in the US, shipping is fast, efficient and timely. This means you get your product quickly so that your towing or hauling project stays on schedule. Contact Hitches & Couplers today to learn more about the best hydraulic trailer jack on the market.