Modern towing and hauling is more complex today than it has ever been in the past. This is especially true considering the wide range of different types of towing and hauling projects that are routinely encountered on a daily basis. That said making the right choice when it comes to the proper coupler or hitch is absolutely essential. One product in particular that can be discussed in this regard is the extended gooseneck trailer coupler. This is also known as a short bed gooseneck trailer coupler or an offset gooseneck trailer coupler.

Impressive Clearance Of The Tow Vehicle Tailgate

This is a unique and innovative product that makes towing and hauling much easier. Best of all, this device results in less than 100-pounds of tongue-weight on a typical towing vehicle. This simply means that the towing experience will not be altered or changed in any way. The extended gooseneck hitch is genuinely a good choice because it provides for additional clearance between the tow vehicle and the actual bulkhead of the trailer. It also provides impressive clearance between the tow vehicle tailgate and its bulkhead section. This product is made using the highest quality extra heavy high-strength tubing and as such assures maximum strength, durability and long-lasting toughness.

Efficient Delivery Of The Products You Need

When choosing this type of towing or hauling product make sure that you work with the right company. One company in particular has consistently outpaced the competition in terms of providing the best in towing and hauling equipment at affordable prices is Hitches & Couplers, Inc. The company ships all its products from a central US location affording customers quick and efficient delivery of the products they need when they need them the most. Contact Hitches & Couplers, Inc. today for more information on great towing and hauling products like the trusted extended gooseneck hitch.