Back in the old days raising or lowering a trailer was a labor-intensive challenge. The good news is that today it is easier than ever before to reposition a trailer without breaking a sweat. As a matter of fact, the amazing electric hydraulic trailer Jack only requires the push of a button to raise or lower a gooseneck trailer or other similar type of trailer. Best of all, modern electric trailer jacks that use hydraulics are heavy-duty and long-lasting. They stand the test of time and keep on working even in the roughest of conditions.

Quick and Effortless

Able to lift well over 10,000 pounds in most cases, a heavy duty electric hydraulic trailer Jack is the perfect accessory for those who routinely perform work with various sized trailers. Equally impressive is that this type of trailer Jack bolts on very easily making installation quick and effortless. Able to bolt onto just about any type of trailer, this innovative and unique Jack system makes life easy with just a push of a button. With tube-in-tube construction, stress is reduced on the entire assembly.

Making Life Easier

Even more unique is the fact that some electric hydraulic trailer jacks can also be operated using an electric or cordless drill. The utility and usefulness of this type of trailer Jack should not be underestimated. It is a great way to make hauling and trailer usage a lot more manageable under even the most demanding conditions. Making life easier with simply a push of a button is what this type of electric hydraulic jack system is all about. To learn more about hitches and couplers as well as trailer Jacks and a wide range of other trailer accessories contact Hitches & Couplers Inc. today.