A Semi-Tractor Gooseneck Hitch for Better Towing Capabilities

Regardless of how heavy-duty a vehicle may or may not be, including a semi-tractor, it is possible today to tow virtually anything, any distance with almost any type of vehicle. A gooseneck hitch for a semi-tractor is one example how this is done. Most semi tractors today come equipped with a 3-inch wide frame and this is the most standard configuration for a semi-tractor capable gooseneck hitch. That said it is important to note that quarter inch spacers or washers are recommended if the frame is only 33 inches wide.

Few Other Types of Gooseneck Hitches can Compare

When a gooseneck hitch used in this configuration, it is easy to connect and disconnect quickly and efficiently. All that is required in most cases is to turn the handle approximately 90° to trigger the release mechanism. As long as there is adequate lateral clearance on top of the frame and enough clearance down along the sides, this type of hitch or coupler can easily be used. In terms of reliable functionality, few other types of gooseneck hitches can compare. One of the keys to ensuring that you choose the right hitch or coupler for this type of application is to work with a trusted name in the industry.

Quality Customer Service and Attention to Detail

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