Those familiar with travel trailer hauling or even the towing of a horse trailer know the importance of gooseneck towing. As a matter of fact, this type of hauling arrangement can play a vital role in ensuring a safe and efficient tow job every time. A gooseneck hitch is simply a type of platform that rests upon the bed of a truck where the ball connects to the trailer’s gooseneck coupler. Most key to point out is that this type of set-up is incredibly robust, strong and durable. This simply means that there is never a question about the integrity of your towing capabilities.

Allows for Very Tight Turns

In addition, gooseneck towing is without question a much simpler and efficient system as compared to, let’s say 5th wheel hitch hauling. As is the case with most types of gooseneck towing hitches, they are rated at up to 25,000 pounds of towing capability and in some cases even more. Gooseneck towing for 5th wheel is a very basic in concept in that it uses a hitch ball to lock into place rather than using a plate as would be the case with a 5th wheel. Another benefit of using gooseneck-based hauling is that it allows for very tight turns in ways that would simply not be possible otherwise.

Towing and Hauling

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