Learn More About the Gooseneck Off-set Cushion Coupler

The Gooseneck off-set cushion coupler is but just one example of a gooseneck coupler that provides exceptional clearance between a trailer and the cab or tailgate. This is impressive because it allows for greater turning radius and improved tailgate clearance as required. As with other similar gooseneck cushion couplers, the Gooseneck off-set Cushion Coupler gets the job done right every time. Greater efficiency as well as improved performance and overall better hauling can be expected when dealing with high-quality products of this kind.

Reduction in Wear and Tear on Truck and Trailer Equipment

With a progressive shock dampening cushion system, those performing the simplest to most complex hauling jobs can expect reduced driver and passenger stress as well as even a reduction in the fatigue that animals may experience when being moved. In addition, a reduction in wear and tear on truck and trailer equipment ultimately saves money, time and trouble. This maintenance-free system offers a simple swap-out installation and is cut fabricated using precision laser equipment.

Rugged and Durable Black Powder Coating

With so much to offer it is clear to see why, the Gooseneck off-set Cushion Coupler has become such a popular accessory for virtually all kinds of hauling jobs and projects. The coupler is even predrilled so that it can easily accept a padlock for added security. Finally, this impressive product is carefully finished with a rugged and durable black powder coating. To learn more about this and other similar gooseneck coupler products contact Hitches & Couplers today.  Friendly staff are always standing by and ready to help with your questions.