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Gooseneck Trailer Jack electric adapter - SPEL.

Gooseneck Trailer Jack electric adapter.

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Model SPEL - Electric gooseneck trailer jack adapter for a Single speed jack.

Never Crank That Trailer Jack Again!

Electrify your manual gooseneck trailer SINGLE SPEED jack. Convert your manual gooseneck trailer jack landing gear to electric. 

The Magnum SPEL Electric gooseneck jack Converter is an easy upgrade, designed to convert your SINGLE SPEED manual gooseneck trailer jack into a power jack capable of lifting up to 6,500 pounds of jack weight at 7 inches per minute. It comes standard with a manual crank backup shaft in case of battery failure. A 5/16" socket fits the backup shaft.  This conversion will work with single or dual landing gear (one converter will raise single or dual jacks) and mounts on the right or left side of the jack leg. From the square tube of the manual jack leg the electric lift extends to the right preferred or the left side 12-3/4 inches. This gooseneck trailer jack fits the most common Gooseneck Trailer Jacks with a 1 inch shaft such as Bulldog, Holland, Binkley, and Ram. Some late model cheap jacks from China have a different gear ratio and will not work with this converter. 2 Year complete factory warranty.  Made in the USA, Ellington, Missouri by Magnum Lift Systems.

The SPEL for a single speed gooseneck trailer jack converter will not work on a 2  speed jack.





U.S. Lift Systems
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Magnum Electric Lift for Single Speed Manual Jack
Installation Instructions


1.)  Remove factory crank and rod from your existing manual jack.  Also remove cap from the top of the jack tube.  Any grease fittings on the front of the jack leg that might be in the way of the bracket or in the way of using a square to square the bracket should be removed.

2.)  Attach mounting bracket to the face (drive shaft side) of your new Magnum Lift gear box with the (4) ¼” x ½” bolts and star lock washers provided (will only mount in one position).

3.)  Hold your new Magnum Lift gear box in position to determine the length the shaft needs to be cut.  With the drive shaft slid over the jack shaft,  measure the distance from the end of the bracket to the outer edge of the front of the jack tube. Also pay attention to the placement of grease fittings (if any) on the front of the jack tube.  This measurement will determine the amount the jack shaft must be cut off. 

4.)  Cut shaft to proper length.

5.)  Position Magnum Lift gear box and secure to jack leg with vice grips using a square to square the bracket with the jack leg.  Check to make sure alignment is proper and there is no binding at the drive shaft.

6.)  Using the (2) ¼” holes and the (1) ¼” slot in the mounting plate as a guide, drill (3) ¼” holes through the jack leg and secure the mounting plate to the jack leg with the (3) ¼” x ¾” bolts, lock washer and nuts provided.  Replace cap on top of jack tube.  Replace grease fittings.

7.)  Drill hole through shaft with a 3/8” diameter drill bit.  Using the hole in the coupler on the Magnum Lift as a drill guide, drill hole half way through from one side then rotate shaft and drill from the other side for better alignment.

8.)  Insert bolt provided through coupler and newly drilled hole in shaft and tighten nut securely.

9.)  Mount switch box in a position so your cable length is adequate to reach your battery box and the motor leads on your Magnum Lift.

10.)  Route and secure the cable marked motor from the switch box to the motor on the Magnum Lift.  Attach leads directly to the motor leads (red to the red wire - black to the black wire).

11.)  Route and secure the cable marked battery from the switch box to the battery box.  Attach black wire to the negative terminal on battery.  Mount breaker in a secure location and attach red wire to the positive terminal on battery.