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Electric Gooseneck Trailer Jack Converter - 2SPDMTR

Manual goosenck trailer jack adapter to Electric

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lower 48 States

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Model 2SPDMTR - Electric gooseneck trailer jack adapter for a two speed jack.


The Magnum 2SPDMTR electric gooseneck trailer Jack converter is an easy upgrade, designed to convert your gooseneck trailer two-speed manual jack into a power jack capable of lifting up to 6,500 pounds of jack weight at 7 inches per minute.


It comes standard with a manual crank backup shaft with a 5/16 inch hex head in case of battery failure. This conversion will work with single or dual landing gear jack (one converter will raise a single jack or dual jacks), and can mount on either side of the jack leg. This gooseneck trailer jack fits the most common Gooseneck Trailer Jacks with a 1 inch shaft such as Bulldog, Holland, Binkley, and Ram. Some late model cheap jacks from China have a different gear ratio and will not work with this converter. The Magnum Electric converter is 9-1/2” wide and installs with basic hand tools. 2 Year complete factory warranty. Made in the USA, Ellington, Missouri by Magnum Lift Systems.


The 2SPDMTR for a 2 speed gooseneck trailer jack converter will not work on a single speed jack.