Learn All About Gooseneck Couplers

Gooseneck couplers are a type of mechanical coupling that is used to connect two rods or tubes together. The gooseneck shape of the coupling allows for a wide range of motion, making it ideal for applications where movement is required. Gooseneck couplers are commonly used in medical and industrial equipment, as well as in many consumer products.A Ball Joint That Fits into a SocketThere are two main types of gooseneck couplers: ball-and-socket gooseneck couplers and universal gooseneck couplers. (...)Read More

How Do Gooseneck Hitches Work?

Gooseneck hitches are a type of trailer hitch that is mounted on the bed of a truck. They are typically used for hauling trailers, RVs, and other large vehicles. Gooseneck hitches provide a more stable connection between the truck and the trailer than a traditional bumper hitch. Most goosenecks have two parts: the base plate and the gooseneck ball. The base plate is mounted to the truck's frame, usually with four bolts. The gooseneck ball is then inserted into the base plate and locked in place. (...)Read More

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