Learn More About the Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

A gooseneck trailer hitch is a type of hitch that is designed to improve safety when towing a trailer. It works by connecting the trailer to the tow vehicle at the gooseneck, which is located at the front of the trailer. This connection point provides better stability and security than a traditional hitch, making it less likely for the trailer to become detached from the vehicle. To connect a gooseneck trailer hitch to your vehicle, you will first need to identify the gooseneck on your model of (...)Read More

What is a Gooseneck Ball and How Does it Work?

A gooseneck ball is a special hitch that allows you to tow a trailer with a gooseneck device. It is designed to provide a more stable connection between the trailer and the tow vehicle and can be used with either a gooseneck or fifth wheel trailer. The gooseneck ball hitch mounts to the bed of your truck and couples to the gooseneck coupler on your trailer. The gooseneck ball has a pivoting head that allows it to articulate in any direction, providing better control when turning corners or maneu (...)Read More

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