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Hitches and Couplers, Inc. is proud to announce their newest product offering: you can now pull your 5th wheel RV trailer with a cushioned gooseneck hitch! The RVGC-CA (Cushion Adjustable) allows you to pull your 5th wheel camper with a gooseneck ball--without having to bolt on an adapter. This one piece product bolts into your existing bolt holes, where your king pin box is mounted currently. Simply unbolt your existing king pin box, and install the RVGC in the same bolt holes. This hitch is rated at 24,000lbs and a tongue weight rating of 6,500lbs, which means a smooth ride for you and your cargo--without bulky air bags. A single high-tech cushion does the job. The RVGC-CA is the cushion adjustable model, which gives you 4″ of adjustment down by the coupler. Most trailer manufacturers have adjustable whole patterns to allow you an extra 3″ of adjustment where it bolts to your 5th wheel, so you now have 7″ of adjustment available! Contact us today for more information!    
Gooseneck Hitch and 5th Wheel Hitches by Hitches & Couplers
Gooseneck hitches and 5th Wheel Hitches are similar, and the differences can be quite confusing. Typically, Fifth wheel trailers are used for recreation while gooseneck trailers are used for laboring applications. While both a gooseneck hitch and a 5th wheel hitch mount in the bed of a truck, the difference is that the Fifth Wheel Hitch mounts above the bed, and the gooseneck hitch mounts level with the bed of the truck and requires a mounted ball for towing.  Fifth Wheel Hitches mount above or just forward of the towing vehicle's rear axle. A king pin on the end of the trailer fits into a specially designed notch, a king pin funnel, on the Fifth Wheel Hitch. 5th Wheel Hitches are the strongest of all  hitches available for  your vehicle. Most generally, they are used to tow livestock trailers or RV’s. The  5th  wheel hitch is mounted in the bed of the truck and is prepared for massive loads. 5th Wheel hitches have many advantages including: Easy maneuverability: Better cornering due to the location of the mount being inside the bed of the truck. Stability: Compared to most other types of hitches available, 5th wheel hitches are considerably more stable. Capacity: The 5th wheel hitch is designed to handle extremely heavy loads. Safety: Due to their simplicity and safety, 5th wheel hitches are the best choice, especially for anyone who is new to hauling any type of hauling. The gooseneck hitch is available in a fold-down model which allows it to quickly change position freeing the truck’s bed of the obstructing mounted ball. Some gooseneck hitches are capable of utilizing the same rail set as Fifth Wheel Hitches. Not only would this mean you have access to both types with a simple switch but it also allows a switch in function to accommodate specific towing requirements.
Types of Gooseneck Hitches
When hauling or towing major equipment, from an RV to a horse trailer, you will need all the right equipment to get the job done right. This includes a heavy duty pickup truck, a sturdy trailer and a heavy duty hitch. There are different classes of gross trailer weight ranging from I-V. Class V hitches include gooseneck hitches. Gooseneck hitches can handle hauling up to around 30,000 pounds. Regular hitches extend from the back of the towing vehicle while gooseneck hitches (similar to fifth wheel hitches) are anchored through the bed of a pickup truck. Gooseneck hitches are popular because of the types of trailers and weight they are capable of hauling as well as their capabilities to make tighter turns. Hitches that connect off of the back of the towing vehicle must make very wide turns and can make driving awkward. The difference between a gooseneck hitch and a FifthWheel Hitch is that the gooseneck uses a ball and coupler while a Fifth Wheel Hitch uses a kingpin. The most commonly used trailers that use gooseneck hitches are horse and livestock trailers.. Gooseneck hitches are available in different configurations, either above or below the bed. This allows for minimal obstruction and  permits full use of the pick-up bed when the ball is not in the towing position.When the Gooseneck Hitch is mounted under the bed, the ball is stored upside down in the hitch when not inure and covered with a magnetic plate. When mounted on top of an under bed rail system, the ball is either removed or folded down for easy access which saves time and is more convenient. The decision on whether you want a turn-over ball or hitch plate in the bed of your truck depends on that else you intend to do with your truck. If you